Perform the Role of Your Life Purpose As If Performing on a Broadway Studio

*Our ethereal Earth, always in sync, with its own seasons; a world that invokes inspiration everywhere, even in the birds, flowers, plants and trees, they ALL appear to be so busy. Let’s not forget the business of you and me and our synchronicity in that natural equation as well!To watch the renewal process is a real hoot! The renewing of SEEDS, planting of trees, the sprouting of ROOTS AND LEAVES, blossoms in pursuit, and the eager birth of new ANIMALS. And then that leaves you and me. We would also like to show our love for nature and the elements. When we do what comes to us naturally, we are showing one another a graceful performance of enormous importance. We are performing our lives for others to see and to realize that we are the main characters in our natural way of doing things.There is the peace and joy brought forth by the heartbeats of fresh souls preparing to perform the role of a lifetime, as if on a Broadway stage in a studio setting.Performing on a Broadway Studio is precisely what people and animals do! They enjoy performing for a broad stream of people, places and events that appreciate their glamor respectively. Both perform their lives in their own way of doing things and achieve goals and results in Divine Timing.There is a beautiful show of life, in a broad sense, like a studio classic film that is unfolding by the season, or by the hour. The life cycle of planets, plants and animals is the way that we live, survive and enjoy a more exuberant and colorful life-style. Their Broadway performance when witnessed live and in person is much better than studio quality. The same can be said about the lives that you and I live. We live life as if we are the main characters performing for an audience of one- OURSELVES. We enjoy performing our art on a live Broadway studio for the entire world to see and know our creative or artistic expression as our contribution to the world -wide stage, also known as the world-wide web.A real life performance is sharing natural skills for the entire globe to see and recognize brilliance and exceptional performance attributes and capabilities.*To perform what you do naturally is always the most sincere performance that you can provide and perform. Giving or performing for an engaging or receptive audience of great friends and well-wishers is exciting!As the end of winter draws near, it is time to get more focused and clear about what your intentions are for springing forward. Spring and ring in a great new mindset and attitude much like the birth of new spring flowers. Spring flowers cannot survive and flourish in a winter snow storm.Spring has sprung, in some places even before the animals finished hibernating, and in other places we hope that the snow shall go elsewhere.Please, please, Cold/OLD Man Winter go FAR AWAY to the other hemisphere, as scheduled, if not sooner,. Give us a chance to warm up like everyone does and to miss you again until next year.Whether you are plagued by the energy of an OLD/COLD MAN that does not want to go away and keeps on Ruthlessly and SHAMEFULLY stalking you, decide quickly that you have had enough!You and me should be allowed to live our lives in peace. Do not be frustrated that by that skanky, cranky, smelly OLD MAN, HE HAS TO GO AWAY! BEAT IT! Tell him to go away, stand your ground, show your wrath. Demonstrate your worth and don’t be like him: without any EMPATHY or SYMPATHY for yourself and your own privacy, need to be left alone, and need to be allowed to live your life in peace, unfettered and unmonitored by a ruthless, delusional OLD MAN that lacks scruples. His obscene obsession causes us anxiety by his voyeurism, and non-stop stalking that causing us to suffer great pain, disdain and anxiety, Please don’t dismay. The day of reckoning is closer that it is far away!There is always a better time of day when Spring had sprung and has set us free to pursue our goals and access our dreams in autonomy, security and privacy.We live life as if we are the main characters performing on a Broadway Show. It’s captivating and the actions are very real for you and me and has a significant amount of expenses, costumes changes and a few dress rehearsals too!~***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~